How do iDTags compare to Bluetooth solutions?

Bluetooth devices (such as AirTags and Tile) are a different product, useful for a different reason. A bluetooth tracker helps YOU find your own stuff under certain conditions. An iDTag adds an iD to your valuables which helps SOMEONE ELSE always find a way to connect with you.

iDTags are also more flexible, can be used on many more items, last longer, work in more places, are fully weather proof, more secure, stable and safe and cheaper.

1. Get more for less: Bluetooth tags (along with the tag holder) costs around $50 per tracking device, so people tend to tag only those one or two items that are expensive or valuable. You can buy a pack of iDTag labels for less than $2 each, so you can iD many more items.

2. More variety, more flexibility: A bluetooth tag has some bulk and so it’s not really usable in a wallet, and it won’t stick on a phone or a laptop, camera or bicycle, or even inside a bike helmet (and you wouldn't put a $50 tracker inside a bike helmet anyway). iDTags come in different shapes and sizes including plastic cards and aluminium sticky labels that fit in and on many more items.

3. Works everywhere: A bluetooth tag only works within 30 meters of you – or someone walking past who also has a phone connected to the same network (like an apple phone). But if you’re in a zone where there is no signal like a deserted beach or a bush walk, or someone finds your valuables who isn’t on the same network as you are, they won't know anything about who owns it. They won’t have a problem with an iDTag.

4. Lasts longer: Eventually every battery dies, after which it’s lost forever. Where iDTags last forever. No tech to update, no battery to replace. If someone finds it in 10 years they can get it back to you.

5. Accessible to anyone: Anyone can find a way to return your valuables. They don’t even need a phone.

6. All-weather proof: Bluetooth devices can’t handle extreme temperatures or being in water for very long. iDTags work anywhere, even if they end up in the toilet, a pool , a riverbed or a flood. They’ll even work on the moon – if you ever want to visit.

7. Secure and Safe: Many people have both security and safety concerns with some local trackers being used as ‘people trackers’ by dropping them into someone’s handbag or boot of a car and also how easy it is for the button cell to be removed by a child. None of that is an issue with iDTags.

Low Tech = No Stress