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How do iDTags work?

When someone finds your iDTag on your lost item, they simply log on to the iDTags website and enter your unique iDTag number along with their contact details and any message (found your phone, left it with the bar attendant). You’ll then get a message from us to contact them in order to reunite you and your lost item. None of your details are ever revealed. Not your phone number, not your email. Not even your name. Everything stays protected. Perfect!

How do I trust it works?

When you receive your iDTags just test one. (Make sure you register them first!) Just pretend you found one of your iDTags and follow the instructions on the iDTag – just like anyone else would if they found it. Go to iDTags.com.au, click [found iDTags] and submit your finder details along with the Unique number found on any of your iDTags. After you press submit, you should receive an SMS and an email within 2 minutes, giving you all the details the finder left for you so you can make contact ...

How long will my iDTags work?

You get 24 months of worldwide service included with your initial purchase. After that time, if you wish to keep your account active (totally optional), we ask for a small payment of $5 per year (the cost of a cup of coffee). This helps us cover ongoing costs, maintenance and support and there’s no limit to the number of iDTags you can have in one account. Don’t worry, we’ll email you a reminder well before.

What if I change address?

Not a problem. You can login and modify or remove emergency contact information for your iDTags at any time. Your access is available 24hrs per day 7 days per week.

What can I use iDTags on?

You can add an iDTag to just about anything: keys, phones, bicycles, laptops, wallets, cameras, jackets, sunglasses, clutch bags, handbags, gym bags, briefcases and luggage. Some people even tag their dogs and kids! You can add iDTags to just about anything that can be lost or stolen.

What if I have any questions or problems?

Our support is world-class. If something isn’t working properly or if you have any concerns or feedback, get in touch with us by either clicking on the online chat icon or send us a message anytime 24/7. We’ll reply to you as soon as possible. We take pride in going above and beyond to help you and keep our customers and our iDTags community happy.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Absolutely! We offer an international 30-day money-back guarantee, no matter what the reason. So go ahead and take any of our iDTags for a spin to see why so many people love them. Buy iDTags with complete confidence.

How do iDTags compare to Bluetooth solutions?

Bluetooth devices (such as AirTags and Tile) are a different product, useful for a different reason. A bluetooth tracker helps YOU find your own stuff under certain conditions. An iDTag adds an iD to your valuables which helps SOMEONE ELSE always find a way to connect with you. iDTags are also more flexible, can be used on many more items, last longer, work in more places, are fully weather proof, more secure, stable and safe and cheaper. 1. Get more for less: Bluetooth tags (along with the ta...

International orders?

iDTags work right across the globe and we’re happy to ship to any destination worldwide with Australia Post first class mail. See shipping costs and times when you order.